Payload carrying and operation – Fenix Air

Payload carrying and operation

Our drones and the systems we continuously develop and update, in cooperation with our numerous technical partners, are able to carry any kind of payload, making us able to succeed in any sensory field.

For your project, we can provide:

  • multicopters with take-off mass below 25 Kg;
  • VTOL with take-off mass below 25 Kg.

Fenix Air makes your ideas fly: in facts, we are able to carry any kind instrument for geophysical surveys, adjusting and integrating them with our systems to make the drones and the instruments work seamlessly.

Why should you choose us? We are long-time fligh experts, with decades of experience in the APR field. Moreover, we will provide and request the Authorities any authorization required to be flying in the safest condition.

The fields of application of these methods are:

  • non-invasive underground surveys;
  • agricoltural;
  • environmental surveys;
  • research and development.

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