Photogrammetric Survey – Fenix Air

Photogrammetric Survey

Photogram-metry, which means “metric representation using light”.

Photogrammetry is a tecnique that can automatically generate spatial and descriptive information using multisensorial systems.

Our instruments are: RGB cameras, thermal cameras, multispectral cameras and LiDAR

What do we get are high-resolution orthorectified aerial images, 3D models (made using structure for motion), digital terrain models (DTM), vigour maps and vegetation indices.

Why should you integrate drone-captured photogrammetry in your projects?

  • It allows you to determinate objects and their characteristics without physical contact;
  • it’s a simultaneous survey of many points, resulting in a great quantity of information;
  • measures are made off-line (in retrospect, after the survey) and they can be repeated, changed or controlled; surveys and post-elaboration are quick and fast;
  • it is a cost-effectiveness operation: lower unitary cost of a map produced with the photogrammetric method compared to those made from topographical surveys;
  • accuracy uniformity.

The fields of application are:

  • Topographical surveys: making or updating topographical, thematic or numeric (GIS) maps;
  • Territory monitoring: making of large scale maps for urban and territorial planning or for engineering works;
  • Agricultural or forestry census;
  • Archaeological surveys of cultural heritage;
    Cadastral and environmental surveys;
  • Infrastractutral control;
  • DTM and orthophotos.

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