Environmental Monitoring – Fenix Air

Environmental Monitoring

The usage of drones in the field of the Environmental Monitoring is playing, nowadays, a fundamental role, complementing or even replacing slower terrestrial equipment, low resolution satellite images of expensive aerial services.

Our instruments are: RGB cameras, thermal imaging cameras, LiDAR and GPR.

What we get:

  • high-resolution orthorectified aerial images;
  • aerial thermal images;
  • three-dimensions models, made with structure for motion;
  • digital terrain models;
  • geo-references maps of the anomalies.

Why should you integrate Drone Environmental Monitoring in your project?

  • It allows you to determine the characteristics of an object without having a physical contact with it;
  • measures are made off-line (in retrospect, after the survey), which means that they can be repeated, modified and controlled;
  • cost-effectiveness and fast execution of survey and data analysis.

The fields of application are:

  • dumps monitoring and environmental impact assessment using aerial thermal imaging to identify abnormal temperature differences or to measure absolute temperatures;
  • analysis of hydrogeological instability and calculation of the volumes through aerial photogrammetric surveys;
  • air quality monitoring, using sensors able to detect biogas or noxious gas;
  • usage of drone GPR to detect pollutants in the subsoil on non-walkable areas.

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