Detailed Visual Surveys – Fenix Air

Detailed Visual Surveys

With our Detailed Surveys, we can achieve high resolution images, detailed images or even 3D measurable and scalable models, without any human-related risk.

In order to obtain such results, the instruments we operate are: RGB Full Frame cameras, with optical zoom up to 30x, thermal view cameras and LiDAR.

Moreover, the results can be improved with the integration of Detailed Topographic Surveys, through GPS surveys or Total Stations.

Why you should integrate a Detailed Survey in your project:

  • it allows you to determinate the characteristics of an object without having any physical contact with it;
  • there are no human-related risks;
  • it can analyze hard-to-reach areas;
  • measures are made off-line (in retrospect, after the survey) and they can be repeated, changed or controlled;
  • surveys and post-elaboration are quick and fast;
  • it is a cost-effectiveness operation;
  • accuracy uniformity.

The fields of application are the followings:

  • inspections of dams, bridges, wind turbines or high-voltage pylons;
  • refineries monitoring;
  • building and rooftops surveys.

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